Play where you want

At your place

The Escape Box can be played anywhere. From 10 people in the location of your choice, Company, Hotel, Restaurant. You can also play outside.

In our instalations

In Santa Susanna we have spaces specially adapted for the activity.

Up to 100 simultaneous players

Up to 100 players and combined with another of our activities up to 300 players.

60 Minutes of game


We only need 30 min. To prepare everything.


1st Phase: Briefing (time 10m) The rules of the game are explained, teams of between 4 and 8 people are formed.


2nd Phase: Activity (time 60m) During this exciting game, the teams must collaborate to solve the different enigmas. The participants imagine themselves immediately in the middle of another world.


3rd Phase: Final (time 10m) The different teams meet for the final photo and share the emotions experienced. If desired you can organize an awards ceremony for the first 3 winning teams.

The Escape BOX is much more than an Escape Room at home

It is the latest portable room escape offer that will immerse you in the adventure from the first minute.

Minimum recommended age 16 years